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Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...

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First of all, Welcome to bobmarleyfans!!!

Join if you a fan of one of the greatest musical artist to ever walk the face of the earth. Please try to stay on topic, but if there is information that you would like to put out about new reggae, ska, or dancehall artists please feel free to or any new news on the Marley children.

Keep it clean and always remain respectful.

Everyone has an opinion! Yours is not more valid then anyone else's! Remember that!

Promote your community once, and only once! There are other places for that!

"Reggae music is simple music--but it's from the heart. Just as people need water to drink, people also need music. If it is true music, then people will be drawn to it." ~ Ziggy Marley

Your Radical Mods ---------> adogprincess02 & sublimegirlie83

Sister Community <------------- naturalblkhair

Please do not post in the following ways: "LiKe I tOTALlY" "AM SO FREAKING" "Like Annoying And I Don't Care!" Thanks! :)